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Early Morning Traffic

My workplace is 23 kilometers or 14 miles away from where I reside. I don’t have a car so I commute going to the office. Taking public transportation does not totally make your life easy except that you don’t get to tire your muscles in driving or get dizzy finding that one and only available parking space, you just sit there inside the train, bus, taxi or in my case a jeepney (more specifically, 3 awesome jeepney rides every morning…whew). Then you just wait and relax until you reach your destination.

However, there are pros and cons in taking public transportation. Let’s start with the CONS first so we will end with a good mood later..The CONS will apply when you are having a bad day and are late for work or school or wherever you are going especially in situation when:

– the driver keeps picking up passengers even if the jeepney is already full

– you are the last passenger to get in, you get to sit at the inner most part of the jeepney bumping against all knees on either side

– only half of your butt gets seated and you keep falling every time the jeepney hits a bumpy road

– the driver is driving so slow that you want to poke him or worst strangle his neck

– the driver annoyingly stops at every person who is standing at the side of the road assuming he/she will take a ride…don’t they know those people are waiting for a different ride to another route?

– the driver does not overtake the slow moving car in front even when he has a chance to do so

– the driver keeps tailing another snail moving jeepney

– you want to blow up the car in front that’s moving like a sloth

– you want to take down a useless, non-functioning traffic lights

– or you want to throw a rotten tomato towards that lazy traffic management aide making the traffic much worst…does he have any idea what ‘management’ means?

On the other hand, you can be resourceful and innovative when you are caught in a traffic. Here are the PROS:

For students, you can:

– take a last minute study for quiz and exam

– memorize your piece for the drama class

– make the project you forgot to do last night…assuming you are carrying your crayons, scissors and glue haha

– answer last night’s unattended assignments because you were too busy with tv and facebook

For businessmen and employees, you can:

– apply your make up, comb your hair and spray your cologne/perfume

– make calls and follow up pending transactions

– check emails

– finished and review reports for the big boss

For the general public, you can:

– create a new blog

– update your facebook status

– send an sms to your loved ones or forward quotes to your friends using your 1day unlimited prepaid load

– play with your Ipad

– pinch your mind with sudoku and crossword puzzles

– listen to your favorite music

– watch your favorite morning show on your mobile tv

– read a novel

– sightseeing and snap some photos if you have a camera

– pick your boogers (eeeewww… excuse me please)

– take a nap (just make sure to wake up on time)

– chitchat if you are riding with a friend or with your co-passenger (that is if you are brazen faced haha)

– send a wink to that pretty girl sitting opposite you

– smile to that hunky guy sitting on your right…you’ll never know someone might fall in love with you

– lend a hand to mothers who are carrying too many children

– help an old lady to get on the jeepney

– give alms to street beggars

– pray a silent prayer and spend time with God while also listening to praise and worship songs

– pray for your co-passengers and send out prayer of blessings for them…even if they didn’t know it, it might just be the miracle they needed because God heard your prayer for them

Wherever and whenever you get caught in a traffic…BE PRODUCTIVE and BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS! 🙂

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