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Looks Hard, Feels Soft

Looks heavy, feels light…Pinned Image

Looks hard, feels soft…Livingstones Pebble Pillows Including 6 Pieces eclectic pillows

Love it!

Source: Houzz.com

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Portrait on the Wall

For those who love to see their faces on their crib’s wall. This might give you a nice idea how to do it right and not scare your visitors away.

This one is a merging of interior design and fashion. Love it!modern dining room by Design Loft Interiorsby Design Loft Interiors

I like this idea…soothing and calm.modern dining room by twenty7 designby twenty7 design

I think this is a perfect crib for a woman on-the-go.contemporary living room by Christy Dillard Kratzer

by Christy Dillard Kratzer

This one’s a classic. It shows who’s the queen in the house.eclectic dining room by (m) + charles beach INTERIORSby (m) + charles beach INTERIORS

When you like to be in the spotlight, this idea is for you.contemporary living room by Gioi Tran

by Gioi Tran

If the pictures where different, I would love it. But the images are giving me goosebumps…it feels like those eyes are watching your every move. CREEPY!modern living room by Chloe Warner

by Chloe Warner

See more here.

Source: Houzz.com
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Tail of a Scorpion

The architecture is amazing and out of the ordinary but if I live here, it would feel like something is crawling under my bed.

Like it or not? Answer the poll below.modern  by Leslie Bentson

by Leslie Bentson/Source: Houzz.com

Can you see the similarity here?
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