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Fave Line from “What’s Your Number”

“And as much as I wanna travel the world, I’m not sure I wanna do it with you.” – Ally Darling to Jake Adams because she’d rather want to be with Colin

Almost all of us dream to explore and see the whole world…but is it enough to explore the world alone or with the company of your friends, office mates or an acquaintance? Will that make you truly happy? I once heard someone said that people love to travel and see new places but once we visited a place, even if it’s a paradise on earth, we never go back again and then we’ll just say, “been there, done that”…really, it’s not the place that makes us truly happy but the person who is there enjoying the view and sharing the moment with us. No matter how many times you visited a particular place if you are with someone you love and who loves you…you’ll never mind going back over and over again instead you look forward to each and every single trip with an excitement that feels like it’s always the first time.


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