Miley & Britney

What was Miley thinking during her VMA performance? How does Wrecking Ball relates to her break-up with Liam? Why, in just a day after their break-up, is Liam kissing and wrapping his arms around with a new lady love?

Could it be that Miley Cyrus is another lost Britney Spears? It’s hard to speculate especially when you don’t know the real person but I think you’d agree with me that some people when it comes to the matters of the heart, are just too weak and too vulnerable. Acting wildly is no excuse but I’m giving Miley the benefit of a doubt…maybe she’s just plain crazy, wild and immature or she’s just one of those girls who felt that a love lost is the end of the world.

Did Liam really escape from a disastrous relationship? If he was a good egg who met a good girl, then why did the good girl go bad? Just saying…

Lesson 101. Avoid doing crazy stuffs that you might regret in the future because madness, it doesn’t help at all in any way or with any thing, be it matters of the heart or not. Be strong and be sane! 😉

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